How to write a wedding invitation card in sri lanka

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Aug 20,  · Sri Lankan couples now days are interested towards the traditional type of Tamil Wedding Cards or a modern Kandyan wedding so as to make it unique. Give shape to your dream wedding card in traditional Sri Lankan style. Oct 11,  · Use Illusions: Now, days people invite people with a wedding invitation card along with a gift.

Also, there are a few people who want to have a thematic wedding and the invitation card is created on those lines. In order to create a “wow factor “ you can. Wedding invitation cards black and white bride groom version indian wedding invitation wordings for friends from bride and groom lovely new es invitations wedding invitation wording from bride and groom pleted with astounding earance in your cards card design 8 source invitation wording from bride and groom wedding cards to friends new ideas for wedding [ ].

This lesson provides you with the German words and phrases that you need to write an invitation to a party. In this lesson we'll use the example of a birthday party. Very very close to India, Sri lanka is a place you must consider for your honeymoon.

Famous for its food and heritage, Sri lanka also has another side! The beaches (St. lavinia beach in particular), the night life, the casino and the local street food are truly authentic to its culture (except for the spas, that is).

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How to write a wedding invitation card in sri lanka
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