How to write a montage sequence in film

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Format: 3: Montage vs. Series Of Shots

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B Accompanying footsteps, as he makes his way down the ending. "Rocky" has probably the finest use of the montage technique on film. It is in fact TWO montage sequences, you might remember.

In the first montage, Rocky runs through the streets, sluggish and cold and alone, unsure if he has what it takes to be a champion. In general, a MONTAGE is used for those longer sequences that you typically see set to music, and usually focuses on a theme or concept (e.g.

JACK AND DIANE ENJOY THE BEACH). A SERIES OF SHOTS is typically comprised of quick, short shots to rapidly convey a story segment (e.g.

TIMMY SNEAKS OUTSIDE). The best example using this simple screenwriting format to convey a montage can be found in perhaps arguably the greatest — and most touching — montage sequence ever.

No wonder people liked the script for Mr Craig’s first film) / Airplane (seriously) Montage – Team America: World Police (and a song about it too) Intercut – Silence Of The Lambs (doorbell/SWAT team) Dream Sequence – Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (or the series – the dreams affect events).

For example, a montage of a flight might include the airplane taking off, dissolving into an animated line showing its progress across a map, dissolving into a shot of the plane flying through the clouds, and finally dissolving into a shot of it landing.

The best example using this simple screenwriting format to convey a montage can be found in arguably the greatest — and most touching — montage sequence ever to grace the screen, found in Pixar’s Up.

How to write a montage sequence in film
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