How many references for a 6000 word dissertation

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Education with Integrity

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I am writing a 6000 word essay for my masters degree - how many references are adequate?

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For epic dissertations, over 10, words, maybe divide by or words - a 12,word dissertation with word pages would need 40 subheaders, which is not so many more than the 6,word example given above. Jul 06,  · How in depth you are going (as its an undergrad dissertation with a word limit, you will not be going as in depth as if you were writting a PhD literature review, or a critical review paper) 3.

Its not the reference list that earns you marks, its the quality of your work, so don't just add references to make the list get longer.

If you are interested in the world of competitive Scrabble, you should read Word Freak, the book that goes a long way toward obsoleting this FAQ, and is far more entertaining. The number of cited article is not important but using of valuable and reasonable articles which related to the topic of your thesis completely is more important.

A thorough critique of the Indian Deeksha Oneness Movement perpetrated by con-man Bhagavan Kalki and Amma and their followers, at the expense of so many people naively hoping for enlightenment.

Dec 12,  · I am writing a word essay for my masters degree - how many references are adequate? Im doing a masters at Warwick and we do 8 (8 modules) word assessments and a one word dissertation.

I would think 30 should be fine but I would advise you to check with another professor who workd in the same Status: Resolved.

How many references for a 6000 word dissertation
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