Characteristics of iago in othello by william shakespeare

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Character Development of Iago, Desdemona and Othello The three characters of Iago, Desdemona and Othello are gradually revealed to the audience as Act One unfolds. All three are linked to one another and talk to and about each other.

Iago from Othello is a central character and understanding him is key to understanding Shakespeare's entire play, Othello - not least because he holds the longest part in the play: 1, lines.

Iago’s character is consumed with hatred and jealousy. William Hazlitt wrote: "Iago is an extreme instance of diseased intellectual activity, with the most perfect indifference to moral good or evil, or rather with a decided preference of the latter, because it falls more readily in with his favorite propensity, gives greater zest to his thoughts and scope to his actions.


Beginning with the opening lines of the play, Othello remains at a distance from much of the action that concerns and affects him. Roderigo and Iago.

Character of Iago in Othello by William Shakespeare. The character of Iago is the ultimate stroke of Shakespeare’s dramatic genius.

Introduction to Othello by Shakespeare

Shakespeare has drawn the portrait of a consummate villain the character of Iago. Iago uses Cassio’s youth, good looks, and friendship with Desdemona to play on Othello’s insecurities about Desdemona’s fidelity.

Emilia - Iago’s wife and Desdemona’s attendant. A cynical, worldly woman, she is deeply attached to her mistress and distrustful of her husband.

Characteristics of iago in othello by william shakespeare
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