A biography of harold eugene edgerton a professor of electrical engineering

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Harold Eugene Edgerton : biography

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The first of his many activists for National Trying magazine is mapped. Harold Eugene "Doc" Edgerton American () Harold "Doc" Edgerton was an eminent scientist and teacher, renowned for his experiments with the stroboscope, and high-speed photography.

He was born in Fremont, Nebraska, and studied electrical engineering at the University of Nebraska and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). New York Stephen D. Jordan (), Associate Professor of Biology, Ph.D.

Connecticut Peter G. Judge (), Professor of Psychology and Animal Behavior, Ph.D. Georgia Amal Kabalan (), Assistant Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Ph.D. Villanova Ryszard Kedzior (), Assistant Professor of Management, Ph.D.

Hanken School. Harold Eugene "Doc" Edgerton also known as Papa Flash (April 6, – January 4, ) was a professor of electrical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. [1] He is largely credited with transforming the stroboscope from an obscure laboratory instrument into a common device.

Nov 12,  · Edgerton was an electrical engineering professor at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), and is recognized by many as the scientist who transformed the little-known lab instrument, the stroboscope, into a device commonly used in all cameras. Harold Eugene Edgerton (), professor of electrical engineering at MIT, participated in research on remote viewing Gerald Feinberg (), physicist, worked at Columbia and Princeton Universities, considered precognition to be at the base of most, or perhaps all, psi phenomena.

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A biography of harold eugene edgerton a professor of electrical engineering
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